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Weird Wednesday- How adorabl—— DAFUQ you just spit at me?? D: 


Weird Wednesday- How adorabl—— DAFUQ you just spit at me?? D: 

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And here is the actual contents of said box.

I have to say, the bag is so pretty I can’t wait to use it - you can even close it up which is really cool.

I also love how there’s an on the box X underneath the manga, real attention paid to detail there.  The whole thing is just so well put together it’s quite impressive.  I don’t know why they included a script booklet for the drama CD - do they normally do that?

My special edition copy of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteru volume 10 (aka UraBoku, aka The Betrayal Knows My Name) came today - a week or so earlier than I had expected it to.  I heard it was coming with a bag and drama cd so I pre-ordered a several months ago.  

I couldn’t find a picture of anything but the bag online at the time so I was expecting a small, book sized packed and not this monstrous beauty.  The box is so gorgeous it’s getting it’s own post.

My wallet now hates me but my inner fangirl is squealing in delight.  Said wallet is not going to be happy when it finds out that I’m going to be order a few shirts (number will depend on whether designs for the frontier twins are made) from Gallant Designs on Red Bubble.

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  • Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru / The Betrayal Knows My Name
  • Seiyuu fans are good too!

/pathetic attempt to make friends

I would react this way if that doctor wanted to “examine” me as well…